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Going to post your game idea? Read this first (11th Jan 08 at 2:21am UTC)
So you have an amazing original idea for a game that is going to blow the world away? That’s good. The gaming community always needs new up and coming talent. Now, you’ve probably got that game idea all worked out in your head, and eager to see what other people think about it. So you’ve found this forum and are about to write a post asking people what they think of your game…Well, before you do, you should be aware of something:

There is a pretty high chance you will be flamed and not get the responses you want.

1. Take your time to write a good post. No one will take you seriously if you post if it consist of ‘OMG! I AM SO l33T! My idea is awesome and perfect and you will all play it!!!!1. Try to act as mature as possible, and spend a good amount of time writing it. After you have written it, reread it, and then reread it again. Don’t rush, it shows through your writing, and just makes you look unprofessional.

2. Be careful what the title of you post is.
I know you are trying to attract as many people to read your post as possible, but calling it ‘WHOAH! BEST GAME IDEA EVER! READ ME MORON!!’ will give people the wrong mindset about you (ie. A 12yr old immature kid). Just say something simple like ‘Space trader sim: Feedback appreciated’.

3. If possible, include screenshots of your game.
This is possibly the best thing you can do to get positive feedback. People will be much more willing to post feedback if they feel that you may actually finish this project.

4. If also possible, include what language you are using to code, what experience you have had, and links to past projects.

5. Use formatting to make large posts easy to read
Nothing is more of a turnoff when reading large posts than one huge paragraph with no breaks or formatting. Get used to splitting your post into paragraphs, use the Bold or Header tags to make things easier to read. Most members are already pressed for time as it is, and you dont want them to go to your post only to click the back button right after simply because it so hard to read.

++Stage 3: After you post++

1. If people don’t respond favourably to your idea, for heavens sake, don’t flame them for not liking it. Stay as mature as possible, and if they say ‘Bah, visiting planets in space traders sucks big time’, simply say ‘what part about visiting planets dont you like’. Remember, if you seriously want feedback, you’ll do everything possible to keep your post on track, and wont take anything personally. If someone really is being an ass, the mods will do something about it; that’s what they are there for.

2. If your post fails to get replies, don’t post a slightly amended version 2 days later.
This applies to all of Programmers Den really, but if you’ve changed the name of one character, don’t post the entire thing again. Tricking people into reading the same post over and over again isn’t going to make you or your post popular

I am looking for feedback to help make this a better guide, so if you have suggestions on what to change, please let me know.
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